Guide to private tutoring

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The first tuition? How to keep your 補習 students

Don't college students want to get back part time to make extra money in their spare time, because the high labor hours are short, and the time and place are relatively free. Let’s just stay private to make up the topic. This article, "Guide to Private Supplementary Teachers", mainly wants to talk about how private tutors can prepare for the first tutorial class, leaving a good impression in the minds of parents or students. Parents look for opportunities to make up for you. I hope that this article can help all teachers who have helped people with tutoring for the first time, or tutors who have tutored for many times, can easily face the first class of tutoring!

Preparation before private replenishment

  1. Communicate well with parents/students in advance

That's so important! So important! So important! And it's easier than others to ignore! A lot of tuition teachers think that after the parent or student’s phone call, the net department and the same channel have a good time. In fact, there are many parents and students who have to explain clearly to you, and you Don’t take the initiative to ask, so there is a chance for misunderstandings, which will greatly affect their perception of you. Here are some questions to understand the needs of parents or students:

Recruiting private tutors

The textbook department needs tutors to prepare the students to prepare themselves?

The pace of the classroom can go fast, but the department should be slow to talk about it?

What is the level temporarily/what is the rank in the whole level?

What level does the target department want to be promoted to/how much rank?

Reading Bianjian Middle School? The Chinese-Chinese system is English-Chinese?

Students and tutoring to me topics?

How resistant is Zhong to take the 補習中介 exam?

Want Wen to return to the old field to lay a solid foundation to learn the new field?

What is the character of the student? (It’s better to ask the parents, but the students are strange...)

How often do I pay the tuition fee? (That is, it can be cleared every week or monthly. It is recommended not to charge tuition in advance, because when the relationship is not strong, it may cause disgust.)

Is there any backup time to make an appointment? (In case there are unexpected deadlines and activities to rush to class and ask for leave) 

The purpose of asking many questions is to understand 私人補習 the situation and expectations of the returning students. Everyone has never met before, and you don’t know the needs of the students. It’s so difficult to provide a targeted field of return. Everyone communicates well in the classroom. Naturally it will be much smoother 上門補習 !

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