How Does Technology Affect You?

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The information we get from our computers and telephones is continuously getting more accurate. With accuracy, we can do many things now that we were not able to do decades ago. The ability to search the Internet or locate a person's location at any time gives us the ability to see the positive and negative effects of technology on society. It also enables us to appreciate the past and future of technological advancements. We can predict what the world will look like 100 years from now, but we can't make any predictions about the effect technology will have on society in the next five years.

This type of prediction comes from the use of complex mathematical algorithms. These algorithms translate the ever-changing data recorded on computer chips into a form of digital data that our computers can understand. Once the calculations are complete, the computer provides us with a prediction of what the future may hold for our society. These predictions are highly accurate as long as the data has not been changed in any way. However, if the data has been altered, then the results will not be as accurate.


Computers have been used to increase our efficiency, and they have been a tremendous help in helping us perform our daily tasks. However, it is not technology that makes our lives easier; it is the adverse effects of technology on society. As our community becomes more reliant on computers, the adverse effects of technology on society will become more pronounced and could negatively impact generations to come.

The Internet is used in every sphere of our lives. We rely heavily on our computers to accomplish everyday tasks like ordering at restaurants, shopping online, communicating with others, and completing forms online. We rely on our computers to perform financial transactions, share with friends and family, and manage our accounts. It is estimated that in North America alone, sales using electronic devices reach over six billion dollars annually.


Although technology brings endless opportunities for advancement, it also can hurt our society. Adverse effects of technology on society stem from the increased stress that is placed on the job place. The increased time in front of a computer and lack of free time leads to several problems. On the job, it can create issues with attendance and burnout. Furthermore, there is also the issue of lost productivity, as well as relationships between coworkers.

With society becoming so dependent on computers, it is not surprising that a negative impact has occurred. Kids as small as four years old can now surf the Internet, play games, and obtain online access. Many children are also beginning to spend their free time surfing the Internet, shopping online, and securing e-mail accounts. Some studies have shown that more children are now spending at least an hour a day online. Furthermore, the growing use of cell phones and other hand-held electronics affects the child's social interaction skills. Studies have indicated that children spend more time talking on their cell phones than with their parents.

Another adverse effect of technology on society is the increasing lack of social interaction and mobility. As society becomes more reliant on computers, communication lines are frequently down or slow, making it difficult to meet friends and family. Additionally, the rapid spread of technology throughout society has led to new slang terms and mass media culture. Some studies have indicated that the rapid spread of the Internet, and associated slang terms such as hip hop, new wave, and new age, are hurting the education system because students no longer feel comfortable discussing specific topics.


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Technological use is not only limited to the workplace. Homeownership is now shared for younger Americans, and this type of technology investment creates unhealthy lifestyles in families. Many parents are also spending additional amounts of money on entertainment systems that are attached to their televisions. The result of this type of investment is that few activities do not involve using some technology. This includes playing video games, using the Internet, watching television, and purchasing sports paraphernalia.

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