5 Tips On The Best Ways To Annotate PDFs

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The Best tools to edit and mark up PDFs involved finding alternatives to Adobe Acrobat can be difficult with all the options available on Google. This article will help to find the solution. You can look on Google for "Annotate PDF" and "Edit PDF" to discover a myriad of helpful tools. It's evident that this issue is a concern for a lot of people, as evident by the volume of searches in Google Adwords. But, the requirement for annotations on PDFs may not be the same for all. A person looking for this data may use an entirely different approach to searching that a different person. This article was written to assist you in understanding the most frequent scenarios of PDF annotation, and also offer a comparison of various options such as Wondershare PDFelement which comes highly recommended.

Let's begin by discussing the reasons why Adobe Acrobat may not be the most suitable choice. Acrobat is great for making PDFs completely from scratch. However, it's difficult to complete simple tasks such as blurring text or adding callouts for text. It's also costly. Let's take a look at alternative tools that allow you to edit and annotate PDFs. Some of them are simple and cost nothing.

These are the top solutions and examples for each. Go to the bottom of the article to find an overview of the features, costs and usage cases.

Tips #1 - Add Markup Like Arrows, Text, Shapes, Redaction, Highlight, Pen Tools, etc.

This is the one that is most frequently required. PDFs can be improved by using basic Marksup like making a circle around text and suggesting changes. It is also possible to include arrows to highlight a area. The blurred text can be used to redact content or an overlay box. It is also possible to include free-form writing in the PDF so as to annotate pdf correctly. This is about ease in use, speed, and sharing capabilities. Although the majority of the tools featured in this article accomplish this, they may also be expensive, complicated or simply janky.

Tips #2 - Signing blocks with signatures and adding PDFs

It is the 2nd most frequently asked requirement and usually follows the case 1. This is due to the fact that you need an easy and quick method to allow people to sign and share documents electronically. This feature is available in nearly all the options that are discussed in this article, however they make it more complex than is necessary. You'll need to download the program then configure it, then register or purchase it. The web-based version is the most efficient since it's fast and does not take long. It is not necessary to sign up or pay for it to try it.

Tips #3 - Creating Fillable PDF Forms

It's not unusual to have to add forms in the existing PDF. But, it's more frequent than a specific circumstance. While you can do this using Acrobat however, it can be an effort and costly. While a lot of these programs permit fields that can be filled or allow to draw on PDF, they're not all the same. PDF Filler is the most effective option if this is the type of feature you're looking for.

Tips #4: Reorder pages within PDFs by adding, eliminating and changing the order of pages.

This scenario is more straightforward than other. Wondershare PDFelement is free to use for this, but it's not worth it when you just require this. This is a frequent need, and remarkable considering how common it is. It can involve the combining of PDFs, and even adding file types like images to pages within the PDF. Also, it involves the export back to PDF format.

Tips #5 Sharing, Exporting and Converting PDFs

This scenario is slightly more complex. There are a variety of options available in exchanging and sharing your edit PDF. It's simple to send an email to someone, to let them view the PDF that has been annotated. Sometimes, it's actually downloading the PDF and then sending it via Slack or email. It is also possible to convert the PDF into images, HTML, or Microsoft Word. These are only some of the numerous options I've come across.

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