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Time To Roar 

February tenth presents to us a tremendous lunar eclipse at 22° Leo. Upheld by a spiritualist square shape and a terrific Fire Trine, the lunar eclipse in Leo is a superb method to launch the pristine Eclipse cycle on the Leo Aquarius hub. 

Indeed, with the primary Lunar Eclipse in Leo, we bid farewell to the Virgo exercises and begin accepting the new (and hot) leonine lunar energy. 

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon on steroids, uplifting the impacts of a Full Moon, bringing the fundamental endings and the dreaded beginnings, catalyzing positive headway and change, giving us all the clarity we need uncovering the new roads and headings of our predetermination. 

The Eclipse will apparently structure most pieces of the world anyway because it's anything but a penumbral eclipse it is somewhat hidden. However, if you decide to moon gaze on Friday night, you will see the Full Moon will look marginally dimmer than expected. 

In Native American customs, the February Full Moon was known as the Snow Moon, a chance to stow away from the unpleasant nature and invest more energy inside the home with the clan. astrology zodiac sign

Returning to astrology, this lunar Eclipse is genuinely uncommon because a spiritualist square shape upholds it. The strain of the two restrictions (Sun/Moon and Jupiter/Uranus) is amicably directed by the supporting sextiles and thirds. Jupiter (23° Libra) thirsts the Sun (22° Aquarius) and makes a sextile to the Moon (22° Leo), while Uranus (21° Aries) thirsts the Moon and makes a sextile to the Sun. This is simply magnificent! … particularly if you have planets around 21°-23° in Fire or Air signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius). 

Saturn is additionally near, beautifully situated in a Fire fabulous ternary along with the Moon and Uranus, ensuring that this positive energy is transformed into something significant and tough. The ternary between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries will bring the best from (the generally incredibly different energies) from the amazing dad and child, as Uranus makes change where required Saturn gives the development and the mindfulness to settle on keen and instructed choices. 

Leos (particularly those born somewhere in the range of 13 and 17 of August) are particularly preferred because this Lunar Eclipse is about them (and they love that! About THEM (haha). This Full Moon will concentrate on all the Leo subjects: self-articulation, imagination, fun, sentiment, kids and a touch of show. If you need to dispatch something and get some spotlight, this is an incredible opportunity to do as such! 

Jupiter inverse Uranus will bring sudden developments and all sorts of amazement. You should get ready for some get-together on Friday night – you will make some extraordinary memories! Leo is subsequently the perkiest, eager and fun sign. 

The Moon sparkling in Leo resembles a lioness thundering, so prepare to escape your usual range of familiarity and draw consideration on yourself. The world needs to find out about you! 

"I got the eye of the tiger, a contender, 

moving through the fire 

Cause I am a boss and 

You're going to hear me ROAR. 

Stronger, stronger than a lion."

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