OSRS – How to Charge Air Orbs

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Here is how you can start charging air orbs by meeting certain criteria.

Old School Runescape players may be wondering what they have to do in order to charge air orbs. In this article, we will discuss what air orbs are, and what you need to do to charge them. Their value isn't that high, so no need to go looking for OSRS gold for sale in this instance. That said, if you are considering buying gold, then be sure to find a site that offers you trusted OSRS gold.

What is an Air Orb?

Before we get down to charging air orbs, we can take a look at what air orbs actually are. In OSRS, an air orb is a charged glass orb used with the Obelisk of Air. This allows you to use the spell that charges air orbs. You'll need to be at level 66 Magic to do this with the obelisk. It also needs an unpowered orb, as well as 3 cosmic runes and 30 air runes used with magic XP at 76. To get this obelisk, you need to get to level 7 Wilderness to the north of where Edgeville is. To do so, go to Edgeville Dungeon and head north of where the black demons reside. Here you should find a ladder that will take you to where you need to be.

The orbs themselves can be used on battlestaffs, but you'll need to have level 66 crafting for it to work. The air battlestaff and 137.5 crafting experience is what you can expect to be yielded from this.

Changes to the Air Orb

There has been a change made to the air orb, though that was back in 2020. This change surrounded the buy limit at the Grand Exchange. The change was that the buy limit ended up being increased to 11,000. So when you went to look for OSRS items for sale, you would have noticed the bumped up buy limit for this orb.

Charging the Air Orb

To charge the orb, there is a few requirements that we need to meet. Your magic skill has to be at level 66, and the OSRS items you need include the Amulet of Glory, Staff of Air, 27 unpowered orbs and 81 cosmic runes.

The value of the air orb is 1,098 OSRS GP. With the Amulet of Glory, you can teleport yourself over to Edgeville, where you can start to bank them. For every trip, players will be able to charge 27 orbs in total. Every trip result in around 15,579 OSRS gold.

The Air Obelisk that you need is found in the Wilderness as mentioned earlier, so start making the trip through to get to the ladder. The whole process, providing you know the route through the dungeon, is going to take between 2-3 minutes. This is a good time to make hourly magic experience as well if you're looking to get that skill up. With numbers of around 40,000 XP per hour, you're looking at a viable training method for magic. When looking at the profits that come from it, it's not a bad solution to going to buy OSRS gold.

If you do plan using this method, you're going to need to be aware that there's the Edgeville Dungeon for you to traverse. This isn't exactly a battle-free location, so you can expect to come across the likes of skeletons, thugs, deadly red spiders, chaos druids and the black demons that we mentioned earlier. With that in mind, you should make sure that you have your defence level up. After all, you are more than likely going to have to face off against these enemies at some point in your journey.

Another good reminder to have here is that you are going to be in the Wilderness. Therefore, if you have any items that you don't want to lose, then be sure that you do not take them with you. You don't want to put your OSRS gold at risk either. To avoid this, only take the 81 cosmic runes that you need for each trip. This will prevent you from losing out on something that could be expensive.

Players that do find themselves in that situation could always choose to buy OSRS gold. There are a number of different sites that offer you cheap OSRS gold, but look around to get the deal that not only works for you, but is also reliable to be used as well.

Have you tried OSRS charging air orbs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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