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It is a small pouch that contains nicotine and some other additives and people consume it by directly taking it into the mouth. Nicotine is an addictive chemical added to tobacco, but in rogue pouches, only nicotine is added in the pouch, and there are no leaves of tobacco in it. The nicotine pouch is tobacco-free so that you can rest assured. The pouch contains nicotine, and the name of the brand selling is rogue.

What ingredients are added to the rogue pouch?

The ingredients added in a rogue bag are-

  1. Nicotine- A harmful additive chemical substance used in tobacco.
  2. Flavors- Different flavors are added to refresh and taste, such as mango, peppermint, and honey flavor.
  3. Water
  4. Acesulfame K- It is an artificial sweetener that is also used in some other drinks and foods as a substitute for sugar.
  5. Plant-based fibers- Some plant-based fibers, such as seeds, small stems, flax, or hemp, are added in rogue pouches.

Types of flavors in of rogue pouch

  1. Honey lemon flavor rogue nicotine pouch
  2. Mango nicotine pouch
  3. Peppermint nicotine pouch
  4. Wintergreen flavor nicotine pouch
  5. Cinnamon flavor pouch
  6. Apple flavor nicotine pouch

You can buy any flavor of the rogue nicotine pouch. Two nicotine strengths are 3mg and 6mg.

How to use a nicotine pouch?

You have to directly put the nicotine pouch in your mouth inside your upper lip and between the gums and lip so that the pouch can release the flavor of it. After using it, you can dispose of it in the dustbin.

Why use a nicotine pouch? 

  1. The rogue pouches are made up of high-quality nicotine, and the product is tobacco-free. It only has the chemical that is found in tobacco. The nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaf, which is blended with mastic to make pure nicotine. 
  2. No smoke- If you will use a nicotine pouch, you will not have to face difficulty smoking in public. Tobacco smoke is the main reason why people suffer. No one will feel irritated by your addictive habit if you will use a nicotine pouch.
  3. Clean and shiny teeth- People who consume tobacco mostly have red and black teeth and tongues due to tobacco intake directly into the mouth. You can easily identify a tobacco-addicted person through his stained teeth. The rogue pouches will help give any stains due to the coating on the substance.
  4. No expiration- There is no expiry date for using these nicotine pouches. You can use them whenever you want. It is your choice; there is no tension for the expiry date. You can even keep a stock of it.


If you are addicted to tobacco, you should know that tobacco is injurious to your health and can cause various dangerous diseases. A rogue nicotine pouch is the best alternative because people are addicted to nicotine added to tobacco. Now, you can buy the nicotine separately without you can buy the pouches that are 100% tobacco-free. After knowing everything about nicotine pouches you can buy the flavor which you enjoy and has the best taste.

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