5 Things to Look for in a Steel Sheds Company

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We believe it is reasonable to assume that purchasing a shed is not something you do on a regular basis. In fact, if you're reading this because you need to acquire a storage shed, you've probably never done so before. If you have, you most likely do not want to go through the procedure again. With over 22 years of experience building and selling sheds, we felt it would be useful to put together a shed buying guide to help you plan for, buy, and use your shed. Whether you buy a shed from us or from someone else, we hope that this information will help you acquire the right shed the first time. Then you won't have to go through the whole thing again.

The issue is, what aspects should be considered while looking for an excellent shed company?

  • Is the company able to create customized steel sheds? So that you can have the shed you desire
  • Is customization too expensive?
  • What guarantees do they provide?
  • Do they provide delivery in my area?

At Designer Sheds, every steel shed we build is custom-built to your exact width, depth, and height specifications and delivered onsite for less than the price of a stock-standard shed from most other shed providers.

Custom Shed Kits... But Without The Custom Shed Cost!

The majority of shed firms primarily sell simple structures built of basic materials. They hook you in with a low price and then charge you a lot more for every tiny modification.

There is no such thing as a standard shed at Designer Sheds. Every shed we build is built on our rock-solid core design, which is then customised to your exact specifications at no extra cost. You may have a width of up to 24 metres, a height of up to 6 metres, and a length of as long as you like. You may also customise the positioning of doors and windows, as well as choose from three types of steel cladding, 22 colours, five roof pitches, and two gutter shapes.

How Can We Produce Custom Sheds at a Lower Cost?

We've spent literally millions of dollars over the last 22 years building smart shed design and manufacturing technologies and methods that enable us to:

  • Create your shed kit to the closest millimetre...
  • Produced just for you...
  • And build a lot more bespoke sheds at lower margins while we make up the difference with volume.

Every shed we sell comes with our one-of-a-kind triple guarantee.

Our Triple Guarantee is intended to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Guarantee #1: Price Guarantee - For a period of 14 days, we will present you with an accurate fixed price quote based on whatever design you pick. Your price is fixed in after you order your shed and specify the delivery date.

Guarantee #2: Design Guarantee – your shed kit will be precisely the same as the design you authorised, or we will re-supply for free.

Guarantee #3: Supply Guarantee - We guarantee that the Bill of Materials for your shed will be exactly what you requested. If we leave something out of the Bill of Materials, we'll fix it right away AND reward you $500. Furthermore, if any component is missing from the original delivery as a result of a shipping error, we will ensure that everything is provided as soon as possible, at our expense.

Furthermore, we provide FREE delivery almost anywhere in Australia.

Because our bespoke sheds are made in 27 sites around Australia, we can transport your shed in kit form directly to your site, no matter where you are.

Delivery is free to anyplace within our usual delivery region (which covers over 95% of the Australian population). If you require delivery to a faraway location, we will ship to you "at cost." Alternatively, if you prefer, we will arrange for you to pick up your gear within our free delivery region. Please contact us for further information.

When your shed kit comes, all you have to do is hire a builder of your choosing to put it up. If necessary, we may also assist you in locating an appropriate builder.

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