Best Hunter Pets for new players and ways to look for Burning Crusade Power Leveling.

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Taming Your Next Amazing Partner(s) in WoW, which will undoubtedly impact your journey by making things easier for your Hunter.

Even though it is fun to hit your targets from a long distance and control them with traps, you can increase your arsenal with a Hunter. With a powerful companion, you can modify your gameplay and make things easier when you’re traveling through Azeroth. As a result, you can earn lots of TBC Items by completing multiple tasks.

When you’re in the process of a prevailing Burning Crusade power leveling, you can always count on your powerful pets. Indeed, to begin your journey as a mighty Hunter, you’ll need to understand how the “Tame Beast” works.

First of all, use the ability “Beast Lore” on your possible target. Afterward, you’ll see a little square with different characteristics from the monster you’re hunting. Between the lines, you’ll need to look for the magic word, “tameable.” 

Secondly, before casting Beast Lore, you need to set everything up because you’ll need to channel ability and lose armor simultaneously. Therefore, you’ll need to set traps or ask for a friend’s assistance and test your luck. When the channeling is complete, you’ll have a new partner right by your side.

Most noteworthy, never forget to feed your pet!

Types of Pets in WoW Classic TBC

All of the different “animals” that you can tame have multiple stats and abilities. Above all, between all the numbers, they form three possible archetypes:

  • Offensive: These pets have different tools that focus on hitting hard and fast. At the same time, they can throw debuffs at your enemies and “bleed” them to death.
  • Defensive: Amazing choices if you struggle to keep your character alive on the battlefield. They can withstand lots of damage and keep the “aggro” away from you with their abilities.
  • Hybrid: These partners have multiple abilities that grant both offensive and defensive opportunities. Even though they do not exceed one or the other, you don’t need to change the pet according to your activity.

Besides their effectiveness, you can always find multiple TBC Items or abilities that enhance your pets and make them threatening. Furthermore, you’ll need lots of WoW TBC Gold to obtain meaningful skills for your pet and your Hunter.

New Families on The Burning Crusade

From the “new” WoW Classic TBC, you can hunt for multiple pets that have ways to change your gameplay. Furthermore, they are accessible to the eye with unique “furs” and colors. Around the current map of the expansion, you can search for:

  • Dragonhawk
  • Nether Ray
  • Ravager
  • Serpent
  • Sporebat
  • Warp Stalker

Best Hunter Pets

Now we’ll give you some of the best options if you want to maximize how your Hunter performs in different activities. Moreover, it is crucial to outline that all the pets you’ll see in this list are optional. Hence, if you find something else that you want to try, go ahead. 


Different pets can enhance your playstyle in WoW Classic TBC. When you’re exploring and completing tasks all around Azeroth, you’ll need a pet that fits your style. On this occasion, you can use Wind Serpents’ power to eradicate anything that crosses your path. These mighty beasts tend to cast Bite and Lighting Breaths to deal tons of damage to your opponents.


This time around, you can use the overpowered Ravagers and their damaging skills. Since you already have a tank defending the entire team, you’ll need more offensive proficiencies. The Ravagers can learn meaningful skills like Gore and Bite, both good options on the battlefield. Furthermore, it comes with a potent damage modifier that enhances all the auto-attacks and abilities that it throws to the enemy.


To destroy the opposite team, you can use any Scorpids as your partner. With “Scorpid Poison” and “Viper Sting,” your enemies will suffer from constant damage and lack of mana. As a result, target the healer with your Scorpid and see him flee from your pet. Therefore, you’ll create chaos in the Arena and make things a lot harder for the opposite faction.

Honorable Mentions

If you are struggling to keep yourself alive between quests, you can always look for the defense of a Turtle. With their stats and abilities, they can aggro and withstand lots of upcoming damage. 

Furthermore, if you find it hard to tame a Ravager or Wind Serpents, you can opt for Cats or Raptors. Both of these options have tools that deal damage to your opponents.

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