New World Blues

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A sad time for New World

New World launched with a promising start. Almost a million players clamored to play the game. The servers strained and stuttered, but Amazon was quick to find a solution by adding a handful of new ones. They also allowed players to transfer servers. However, it was only the beginning of the game’s problems. Within a month, players found and exploited a New World gold duplication bug, along with a host of other problems.

A Perfect Storm

While the new servers shared the load, they still strained under wave after wave of New World accounts new or slightly older. Wait times did lessen, but they’re still there. It’s not enough to warrant quitting, as it is just a slight annoyance.

They play the game but it’s a little laggy. Sure, the servers are a bit overburdened. It’s understandable. They have fun playing for a bit, and then the exploits come in. The worst of it is the coin duplication bug, one that those who sell and buy New World gold were quick to exploit it.

In response, Amazon quickly disabled the transfer of wealth, ensuring that none of this counterfeit money could spread. Thanks to that quick action, they could easily tell who exploited the bug and who didn’t. Bans flew toward suspected accounts, and they delivered a fix as well.

Of course, that wasn’t the only bug players found. A different one puts players in limbo as they try participating in an activity. There was also one where players can become invulnerable indefinitely due to the client being unresponsive. Then came some exploitative behaviors.

Moderation became a weaponized ban channel. Groups of players would goad another group into violating the Code of Conduct. Once the bait takes effect, the goaders gleefully report the ‘violator’. A moderator still has to check for actual infractions, so this puts a bit of pressure on them if the behavior continues. Cheaters have also become more common, some of them copying popular streamers.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as players keep on complaining of various issues big and small.

Have Players Jumped Ship?

Now, New World’s player count has been declining. That’s sure to be bad news for the game, as the players are its lifeblood. Without them, the game’s death becomes swift and sure. Less than half of the players from launch remain, and Amazon must address these problems before it’s too late.

While those are the facts, we never know the reasons why those players left. Perhaps they want to wait for the fixes to take effect and come back later. Maybe they really want to stop playing the game. Most likely, a significant amount of those players are the former.

It’s frustrating to have been denied access to something you know should be available. Amazon had to suspend the coin trading feature because of the dupe exploiters. They also had to disable one of the activities players can do to find a solution for a reported bug.

For those reasons, players could have decided to quit the game so they can distance themselves from an undesirable situation. Games should be enjoyed, not stressed over.

After the Storm

The best-case scenario is player count bounces back up to its former status. A realistic scenario would be it does bounce back up but not as high as before. No use thinking of the worst case, it’s unlikely to happen. Amazon will fight tooth and nail to keep it afloat because it has the potential to be a success. They just have to fix these problems ASAP, and they are doing so.

We’ll have to wait patiently for the verdict. Happy gaming!

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