Toilet Hacks: Don't Be Afraid of Your Toilet Acting Up in South Asheville

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Is your toilet running (no, we're not saying you'd better go catch it), making weird noises, leaking, or looking like it is about to explode? There's no need to panic or freak out. This is advice from a licensed South Asheville plumber, and it is very good advice regarding taking control back from your toilet. There's no need to afraid.

These tips are all very useful to South Asheville homeowners. Many families choose South Asheville for the part of Asheville they choose to live in. This means you have large families living in the homes of South Asheville. The more people who are living in your home or coming over to visit, the more toilet problems you will have to deal with.

Here's what to do before you call us in South Asheville, if you are having sudden or suspicious toilet issues.

Toilet Overflowing? Stop It Easy

If your toilet is looking like it is overflowing or backing up, there are some quick things you can do. The easiest way to buy yourself some immediate time is to pull the lid off and push the flush valve down right away. Pushing that valve down will stop the water rushing and will let you take a minute to see what may be causing it.

Toilet Blocked? Try Hot Water & Soap

If a plunger isn't working or you don't have one, there are other things you can do. Get the hot water running in the sink or bath tap as hot as possible, and then add water to the toilet bowl (as much as you) while leaving some space at the top of the bowl. Add some liquid soap (dishwashing soap works great). The hot water and soap working together should free the clog and get things moving again.

Finding Toilet Leaks

This is a simple trick and super useful. If you're suspicious of a leak in your toilet, drop some red food coloring in the toilet tank, and wait about an hour. If there is red water down in the bowl or any reddish tint at all, it is time to replace the tank ball. That small amount of water seeping out is showing up in your utility bill.

In General, Don't Flush That!

Make sure you use your toilet only for what it was intended for. The toilet in your South Asheville home is meant for your own waste and toilet paper only. That means no cotton swabs, pieces of plastic, hair, pieces of cardboard or sanitary products. These go into the wastebasket or they will cause you expense sewer line clogs down the road. Make sure your spouse, kids and guests know to use the wastebasket.


We have over 10 years experience as a licensed plumber having full accountability over the jobs we work on. We hope you found this advice useful regarding how to treat your toilets in South Asheville and the Asheville area.


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