Top 6 ways students at university spend their free time

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When you are studying in university it means you are getting very close to graduating and once you do, you will officially be ready to live what we might know as the “fully adult life”, so they tend to make the best out of their free time and enjoy their last little bit of adolescence as much as they can. It doesn’t matter what university they go to, or what they study, they’re bound to have at least some free time, and they definitely don’t want to waste it.  So what exactly do students do in their free time? Well, it always depends on the person and what they personally like, however, here’s a little list of some of the most popular things that students really enjoy doing in their free time.

Part time jobs

Starting off with possibly the least fun way to spend your free time when you’re in university, yet one of the smartest. There’s students out there who spend the time when they’re not in school working shifts at the local McDonalds (or any other business with no requirements) to save up money for when they’re out of school, or even as an apprenticeship for experience before they actually go looking for a full-time job once they graduate. It might be tiring and a bit too much to juggle both school and a job, but it’s also undeniably a great idea, especially for those who want to be well-prepared for life as an independent individual.


Nowadays, one of the most popular hobbies in the world is gaming. It is widely accessible and can most probably be found in the majority of all the world’s households, in one way or another. These days you could game on anything, whether it’s a computer, a gaming console, the best online casino, or even a phone. University students are well aware of the gaming world and they also know how therapeutic it could be when you just let go of life’s worries and run away into the virtual world that revolves around your favourite video game. There’s a reason why it has become the world’s number one means of entertainment, and it’s fueled primarily by this particular generation of University students.

Using Social Media (and potentially getting famous)

We cannot deny that the world spends a lot of time on social media, and the more time passes, the more ways social media is giving us to spend more time on it in general. There was a point where it was just peer to peer messaging, then it became public posts and timelines, now you have all kinds of apps like TikTok, where university students share short video clips publicly, which can either be entertaining, educational, or even sexually arousing. Other students like to spend their time on underground social media platforms, such as reddit and discord, where people like to freely post things which aren’t appropriate to post on sites like facebook, instagram and more.

Artistic activities

Many students tend to have their own unique artistic talent, be it performing arts, such as theater or music, or even painting or sculpting. Some say art is the best therapy, and those who do it say it’s very fulfilling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re really talented or not, students love to experiment with the arts, and it’s them who determine the future of the artistic side of the world. Everyone should do arts, they help you grow as an individual, they’re a great way of self expression and are also very good for your mental health and can be just the right amount of stimulation to help you keep going and not give up from your studies.

Keeping Fit

Getting fit could be achieved through many ways, such as any kind of sport, such as football, baseball or hockey. One could also keep in shape through hitting the gym in their free time, students love it. We also see numerous university students doing yoga, as it’s one of the best stress relief methods in the world, however, any physical activity can act as a stress reliever, as well as a way to get away from the constant thinking you have to do at universities. Many universities host their own sports teams and have sports venues for students to be able to let loose and enjoy their time while still on campus. Some even have school teams and compete against other schools. For example, there’s a whole sports scene for college sports in the USA, such as College football and more.

Watching Television

It's no coincidence that the most popular habit students engage in in their leisure moments is watching tv. Whenever individuals want to unwind, this is perhaps the most popular option. And why shouldn't they? It's enjoyable! New technologies have aided in propelling something to the top of the list. The ability to stream nearly anything to a variety of devices has only made it easier for people who want to catch up on the latest episode or movie to do so. Screens (whether a television, a computer, or a smartphone) provide a place for young people to relax and take a breather.

All in all, there’s tonnes of other ways one can spend their free time when studying at university, however the most important thing to keep in mind is to always keep your hobbies in their place and not let them clash with or take over the time which is required to study. Most students are well aware of this and good time management is what leads them to a good, happy life.

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