When Utah Children Are Traumatized by Adult Content

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What Utah is doing about the problem that stumped every Utah personal injury attorney

Have you ever seen something that your eyes couldn’t quite unsee? Perhaps it was a scary movie that you still think about in the middle of the night. Or, maybe, it was a video that was unexpectedly violent. In our internet crazed world, we’re constantly consuming information and not all of the information we consume is beneficial to us. In fact, in today’s smartphone obsessed world, most of us have seen videos depicting sexually explicit content, graphic violence, and hateful themes. Though adults are better equipped to process that material, who is liable when  children are traumatized by adult content?

Social Media Platforms

Most social media platforms have human content moderators to make sure that any content that violates the platform’s standards is removed. However, since content moderators are human, mistakes are often made. Furthermore, there are some types of dangerous content that, though dangerous, do not violate any policies. Websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have previously hosted content promoting eating disorders. Though the content was technically allowed on Facebook, there wasn’t much preventing young, impressionable teenagers from accessing it, a problem that’s left many parents wondering where they can seek compensation for the damages their children have sustained.

Content Aggregation Platforms

Content aggregating platforms, such as Reddit, have also exposed innumerable children to graphic content. Though Reddit has warnings for some of its subreddits featuring adult content, those warnings are easily clicked through. Furthermore, children may not understand how the content they view may affect their mental health down the road. Also, some children may not understand what the website means when it warns of adult content. In these cases, children may accidentally stumble upon videos depicting graphic violence. Again, many parents are wondering, who is liable for the damages to a child’s mental health?

Sexually Explicit Content

Though the Utah legislature does regulate websites that host sexually explicit content, a lot of parents feel as though the regulations are not enough. Websites hosting sexually explicit content are required to check a box, acknowledging that they are old enough to legally view the content. However, parents rightly point out that anyone is capable of checking a box. But, since the Utah laws don’t require anything other than an age verification box, those who host adult websites are not acting unreasonablylegally speaking. Therefore, it may be difficult for parents to sue sexually explicit websites since they are following the laws. This is true even though the laws don’t really protect children from adult content.


What Are Websites Responsible For?

In America, there are no laws restricting an underage person’s ability to view violent content. In the past, lawsuits against social media platforms have been largely unsuccessful due to the fact that social media platforms have shirked responsibility for the content that’s posted on their platforms. Social media sites argue that they don’t create the content, they just provide the venue to which it’s posted. And, websites featuring sexually explicit material are already doing the bare minimumwhich is enough in the eyes of the law. 

Protecting Your Family

The best thing a parent can do is monitor their child’s online activity. If your child views disturbing content on someone else’s watch, you may be able to file a claim. Schools are obligated to keep children on the premises safe. However, if your child has accessed disturbing content while at school, or while using school devices, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your child’s emotional distress. A Utah personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. 


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