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Family Definition: A group of people related to each other by blood, marriage. My family is a group of people who love me and care for me no matter what happens.
An Example Paragraph On My Family
This is an Example Paragraph on topic My Family for students guidance.
My family consists of 4 member,s my mother, father, younger brother and me. All the members of my family are very loving towards each other. We all get along extremely well together. 
My parents have been happily married for 30 years now. They are best friends as well as partners in crime to get me into trouble! lol My younger brother is just a year old than me but he's definitely smarter than I am. He says whatever he wants whenever he wants to whomever he wants without any fear or shyness whatsoever! I wish I was like that! Stop judging! And lastly there's me, your typical Asian school girl who's trying not to be too nosy while also not being too boring at the same time, balancing out her extracurricular activities, and trying to get into a good college. And just like everyone else in the family that I mentioned above, as well as every other person on this planet we all have our challenges we need to overcome and we try to do so by taking one day at a time.
Everyday when I come home from school or work, no matter how bad my day is, they help me forget about it and cheer me up with their unconditional love and support. They help me achieve my dreams of going to a good college and becoming successful in life. My parents are willing to sacrifice anything for my brother and myself which makes them the best parents ever! In return for everything they're doing for us.
I have a lot in common with  my family. Some things that we have in common are our sense of humor and the way we feel about music. For example, when I was small I liked heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Metallica, but now that I am older I prefer rock music from groups like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. My father used to hate metal music because he thought it was too loud and rebellious for his taste. But guess what? Now he likes listening to some songs from Quiet Riot!
My family is very important to me because they are always there for me, and we often engage in very interesting conversations about everything under the sun. They treat me as an individual, but they also recognize that I need help from time to time. 
For example, when I met my girlfriend Andrea I was so nervous about how to approach her and what to say. During this period of anxiety, my brother Sam gave me a tips on how to attract women and improvise during first dates: "Keep calm and play some hard rock music!" he told me with a wink.
My family is obviously not perfect; we have our differences sometimes because we live together all the time! However, we do our best work things out by talking face-to-face or over the phone which has improved our communication skills. I honestly think that family is the most important thing in life. My dad has often told me that "it takes a village to raise a child." This means that although parents are responsible for raising their kids, they should not be the only ones doing it; there are other people involved too.
My family is actually very similar to the Weasley family from Harry Potter series; we also care for each other and always there to help one another out! Everyone should have somebody like my family who will love them no matter what happens. After all, blood is thicker than water!
I have many things in common with my family including our sense of humor and music preferences. We differ sometimes but we work it out by talking face-to-face or over the phone. My family is special to me because they are always there for me and treat me as an individual. I realize that family is one of the most important things in life, but it takes a village to raise a child!.
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